Good morning everyone.

I know everyone of you has already been pissed by playing against a Token buyer. Most of the time, people are facing that using tactical moves, and sometimes it works fine. The point is, since a month (+/-) in some countries it's really hard to earn any token. Fakes, bugged offers, misleading, scam and maybe 1 video every 2 days (when it works...) are just the whole offers available. Another thing : if you have a fixed IP you're screwed. The goal of this topic isn't yelling/flaming/crying against Token buyers : my goal is to show how much the game is becoming really unbalanced. 6 of my friends left the game, they where good ranked but where pissed by trying to earn everyday any precious token they'll lose in few minutes in a Bidding War vs Token buyers. Of course, Nordeus dev are not stupid. If people wanna stay, they will - one day or another - using their credit card to buy tokens. that's just really sad. in my case, i'll never buy tokens on a free game, maybe i'll follow my friends when i'll be enough pissed. I really think Nordeus have to "reward" more people who are not buying tokens, like earning some when we are winning a match etc. What's your opinion/ideas about that?

Have a nice day guys, and sorry for my english, I hope I was clear