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Thread: SupersonicAds Missing token trouble

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    SupersonicAds Missing token trouble

    Hi all, i have been having trouble getting my tokens from this advertiser and was wondering what others have to say about these offers. Am beginning to give up hope of ever getting my tokens even though i have total proof that i completed the offer correctly.

    Any one else had problems like this fixed in past? Feels like im corresponding with a computer or robot when i have been emailing there support.

    Any human could easily see that i have completed the offer correctly.

    Should have known this would happen really, i mean it's not like they even advertise the offers correctly, i usually only see some of the offer then have to click it then go through the ticket process before i can actually see the full requirements for the offer... all a bit dodgy if u ask me!

    Someone please tell me i'm wrong.....?
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    Some offers work, although not all of them. I've had a few "dead" offers that have never credited me.

    What I would suggest is to just do the free offers, so if they don't credit you are not out of pocket. The offers where you have to pay for a service I would avoid.

    The only ones where you have to pay that I have ever done is the betting ones - simply because I bet online so opening new accounts when the World Cup was on was of benefit to me. I created 3 online accounts, got paid out the tokens on two of them within an hour or so - but the third one took 3 weeks and multiple emails to "support" before they finally credited me - and I think I only got the credits as I screenshot EVERYTHING so could give them proof of every step.
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    Supersonicads are the worst, not coming through with token happens with all the offer service, so don't get all upset, I don't know how many videos I have watched for nothing, how many games I've played without any reward, that the life of a token farmer. But if you have proof send it to Supersonicads, they will respond properly unlike Nordeus.
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