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Thread: Stadium upgrade issue

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    Stadium upgrade issue

    Im on level 22 ... i got the world arena 211,000 capacity i have made 2 seat upgrades of 12,250 and 24,500 taking my total capacity to 235,500 .

    My issue is that if i do the final upgrade of 49,000 which costs 110 million that should take my capacity to 284,500 .
    The game set stadium limit i have just found out is 260,000

    point 1 ---why ???
    why set a limit of 260 when you can clearly go over over it in the normal way of playing the game ,,,

    point 2 --- I am not going to waste 110 million when i will only get 24,500 extra seats when i will have payed ( cough.cough) for 49,000

    any body know the answer ,,also a quickie ,, whats everyones ticket prices at level 22 with that capacity .i think mine at 30 might be a bit low with my 11.5 million wage bill

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    You're misunderstanding the seat upgrades.

    The small, medium and large upgrade is based on the 211,000 seat capacity of your world arena.

    The large upgrade adds 49,000 seats to your 211,000 stadium for a total of 260,000 seats. It does not add 49,000 seats to your world arena with a medium seat upgrade already built.

    Each seat upgrade makes the next seat upgrade a little bit cheaper.

    After building your world arena, the price of the 3 upgrades were: 137M, 231M and 341M.

    Now, the large upgrade is only 110M since you have already built the first two upgrades and taken your stadium to 235.500 seats.

    The last upgrade adds 24,500 seats for 110M to bring your stadium to the final capacity of 260,000

    If you go back to your first sentence, you will see an error in your math. Your world arena starts with 211,000 seats. If you added 12,250 and 24,500 seats you would have 247,750 seats. What actually happened was the small seat upgrade added 12,250 seats to take you to 223,250 seats and the medium upgrade added another 12,250 seats to take you to your current 235,500.

    I'm going to guess you have only done stadium upgrades while playing the game. Take a look at my seat guide in my sig file to get a better understanding of seat upgrades.
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