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Thread: Help me to improve my team !!!!!

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    Jul 2014

    Help me to improve my team !!!!!

    my little team are actually doing quiet well but we can all do with help and advice so !!!

    Please send tokens too Mo

    all packs Green/ red / blue to my website MO needs packs .com

    and any advice errrrr? well go ahead post here or send to Nordeus needs help !!!!

    Real advice is always cool so if you had 1 main piece of advice to give what would it be ???

    mine is always use your best players even in the wrong pos !!!!!!!! ( Good or Bad ) lol works I like to laff at bad advice !!

    (post inspired by Nordeus wants our help to translate )
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    Ps my avatar picture is Rowland !!!!!!!!!!!

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    Well, not so long ago I went to Houston to see the Dynamo in game. I brought some red packs, green packs, and some blue stuff I got from Mr White.
    Unfortunately the police stopped me as I was entering the stadium so now I'm stuck in the jail.
    And don't tell me that I'd better call Saul, he's not responding!!
    Please help me and I'll deliver you some blue packs.
    Thanks, Jesse.
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