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Thread: Fast Trainers &Slow Trainers?

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    Question Fast Trainers &Slow Trainers?

    Here's a question for you?

    If a player is a slow trainer....will he always be a slow trainer?

    I have some 18 y/o players with high value and reasonable levels but are very slow trainers ......can they improve maybe next season??

    I guess I am asking if the training speeds vary for players?

    No doubt all good trainers eventually slow down as they get older?
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    A players training rate won't change or speed up. But the results a player can get can vary a lot. eg I had a fast trainer whose best Gain is nearly 75% more than his worst.

    And yes, average training rate slows as a player goes through the age ranges and/or as he gains a star. ofc when he drops a star he'll be a bit faster again if he's still in same age range.

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    when you get too level 17/18 and above it`s pot luck if you get fast trainer or not
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