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Thread: Iam losing the lead,need advice please

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    Iam losing the lead,need advice please

    I am facing a big problem with my team now. I used to win everything and was always at the top of the league, gradually I was buying new players and my team was getting strong. Both cups are going good, iam in the semifinal. But the league although I dont have any lose but from my last 6 games I had 4 draws. Mostly with much weaker teams .my quality of team is more.
    then20 and I draw against 14 and I was at home,watching the game (opponent wasnt) also I am choosing proper formations according to forums etc...another example was yesterday ,again very weak team my formation should have countered him. I was pushing and in 85. Min I was winning 2:0 . And guess last 5 minutes he shot 2 goals and it ended 2:2.
    In next days I am playing with the toughest players in the league and not only I can lose,but also I can not finish in top 3 or even 4.
    What do you thing about the situation? Any advice what to do ?

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    Would you mind giving us some screenshots, solid facts about your league and your team, we appreciate you telling us about what has happened, but what level are you, what are the teams levels, what formations do you play....etc...?
    In football it is better to be Lucky than Good.

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    You will always face periods where results don't go your way. Most people get them at least once per season. I know I do. I find I often have a disappointing result in the league just before a crunch match...could be you just had the same.

    If you post some details about your team on here, people can give you be honest, without knowing more about your team/opponents, any advice you get is just as likely to make things worse than help you.