Hi there guys,

First of all my name is Rick and i live in the Netherlands so sorry if my English laggs gramma or correct spelling, still i hope u guys/girls understand what im trying to ask here. I just played a CL match against a weaker team then mine and got my ass whooped. I still have a return to go on so thats why im seeking yours expreriences and maybe the correct mentalitie of my team or even the compleet team structure. Please note i do have some tokens left to buy a maybe neccesarie player.

This is how the match ended.
Please note that i started of with an AMC and 2 ST with Attacking mentalitie True the middle Zonedefending Pressure entire pitch and normal tackling.

After the first 10 minutes i allready had 2 goals against me so i started to play with 3 ST got a bit of the overhand but nothing like i think i should have looking at my players quality and his/hers.

What the hell did i do wrong?-10603340_532471623546762_8646296450808196478_n.jpg

Can someone help me to counter this tactic and maybe get me a round further in the CL anny help would be appriciated, and if my bad English brought a lot off questions uppon you, feel free to ask me to eleberate.

yours sincerly,


P.S. Sorry Admin if this one didnt go in the right section didnt know which one to choose