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Thread: gift too supporter`s ?

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    Question gift too supporter`s ?

    below was facebook by t11

    We have RELEASED A NEW FEATURE today!!

    Now you can reward your SUPPORTERS with a GIFT at the end of every match!!

    now what i want to know if i get a gift from the team i supported is that on top of my dailly gift or is it still the one a day no matter how many get from friends, if it`s still one a day then i see no point in this
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    Yes, this new gift is a new separate gift. It's a double gift - two words: THANK YOU for supporting me
    It's been widely discussed in the forum today.
    Update: it seems you can get an extra pack for supporting, but it is accumulated with the daily gifts you get from your friends, so it does not count separately.
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    i support always but never got gift why is that is it optional or automatically by the system?
    they need to solve the different server supporting or watching the game