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Thread: Multiple Positions

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    Multiple Positions

    Is there any significance in the order of positions listed for players who can play several?

    For example, I have a DMC/DC, but have also had players who were DC/ I take this to mean they are more effective in the first listed position, or does it mean nothing?

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    The first position listed is the first position they knew. So, if you train a player who is a DC to also play DMC, then it would show up DC/DMC. As far as I know, this doesn't mean they are more proficient at one versus the other.

    Unless their statistics make them worse at one. For example, if you train a DC to also play DMC, but prior to this training had only improved his defensive and physical/mental chararcteristics, he is unlikely to be very effective in the attack (because his passing, shooting, etc. statistics will be poor).