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Thread: Joining friends into the league

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    Joining friends into the league


    I know that if I have facebook friends in this game we are supposed to be in the same league in case we are the same level. Does it work just with facebook friends or also friends we create in this game? For example, in the cup I am in the final with extremely strong team who must have invested load of money into the game. I am considering of adding him into my friend list, I am sure he would be very active but on the other hand I don't want him in my league the next season.

    How is it ? If I add him to my friend list, are we going to be in the same league ?


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    Yes, the chances are high that you will end up in the same league...

    But if he has many more friends of the same level as his then he can be placed in other league also...Now the deciding factor in which league he will end up will be the mutual friend factor...

    So my advice will be don't take risk by adding him since you don't know whether he is friends with other managers of his level and the mutual friends between you and him......