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Thread: Unfair Cup

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    Unfair Cup

    I'm playing on my level 3 account and I got paired with a 45 quality, 5th level team for the cup first round ... I'm only 30 quality .... For the first game my team, I guess, did okay considering the quality difference; it was 2-1, I lost. And I'm sure I'm gonna lose again today ... This is so unfair .... I was 2nd place last season in cup, champions league and league ..... I am okay with my cl, it's fair ... Kind of.... But CUP!! I'm gonna get kicked out

    Nordeus ... U r so unfair .....

    PS: anyone watched BPL... Chelsea rocked

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    The Cup draw is based on the average of your 14 BEST players.

    If you have a large high quality squad the Cup is hard to win, as you will always be facing levels above you.
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