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Well, that's tricky, he *is* filling his stadium. He not only loses out on income, it will likely also mean his other facilities aren't upgraded as well as they could be, meaning less boosters for him and more injuries (for you too when you play there.) I don't know if or where there is a point that a full stadium wouldn't get you 5%, as I have always upgraded. I will pay attention when I play at small stadia and see if it ever happens.
The real trick is to get maximum income, let the stadium be filled or not. Just make sure you have 17 managers watching your games and say screw the stadium 5% possession bonus.

Attendance and % possession-screenshot-www.topeleven.com-2014-08-06-19-27-53-cl-posse-1.jpg
Attendance and % possession-screenshot-www.topeleven.com-2014-08-06-19-27-53-cl-posse-2.png
Attendance and % possession-screenshot-www.topeleven.com-2014-08-06-19-27-53-cl-posse-3.png
Attendance and % possession-screenshot-www.topeleven.com-2014-08-06-19-27-53-cl-posse-4.png
Attendance and % possession-screenshot-www.topeleven.com-2014-08-06-19-27-53-cl-posse-5.png

When you are dead even with your opponent.
When you have to miss the important away game.
When the the opponent is present and you are not.
When his stadium is absolutely full.

AND YOU STILL HAVE 15% possession,