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Thread: Changes since I last played

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    Changes since I last played

    So, I first started playing TE like a year ago and came back recently just to see if the game did major changes and most of all, fixed its game engine (which doesn't seem the case).

    I've realised that before, when you misplaced a player, it would screw you up, but now, it seems that if that player is close from its original position, it doesn't penalize you as much. It even highlights the position in yellow, as if to say: "well it's not the best position but it can still work".

    I wanted to know how much it affect your players, as in, can you allow yourself to put a player in a close position if you don't have a player that has this specific position or does it really punish your whole match?

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    You lose 5% for each player thats out of possition no matter how close it is- it's true some AMC would still perform well as aml/amr and maybe score some goals but you would lose thoes 5%.
    I'm not sure how it used to be a year ago as I'm playing for 6months now but that's how it goes^^

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