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Thread: New Jerseys...

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    New Jerseys...

    Recently i ve seen jerseys ann logo of switzerland and england.My questions are:
    1.Where are the other jerseys and logos of other countries like austria vs spain or ukrain vs slovakia?
    2.Why they are so expensive?
    This summer i ve seen the logo with 25 tokens,now is 60 i dont know why
    And the jerseys from 21-25 tokens to 54-58 tokens...
    Why they are so expensive????????
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    1. You have seen jerseys of national teams who quallifyed and played World Cup in Brazil. Only their jerseys and logos were for sale.
    2. They were cheaper after World Cup finals because Nordeus gave big discounts. They also gave discount on last season (2013.-'14.) offical club kits (like Liverpool, Arsenal, Real Madrid etc.).