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Thread: Achievments!

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    Hello there! I am kidna new to this game and community but I have invested lots of money and time on this game. This is my 4th league so far with 3 wins (I am stepping down in this one to level up my players and go for Triple Crown next season) and 1 CL. So a part of the game I love is the achievements list so this is me:

    I have searched and NOT found any actual list of what achievements there are, or how to get them. So I would really like if you guys posts your lists and information on how you got any of those that I don't have

    I know I miss the Bad Day achievement (Getting dominated in a match you are watching) but with my team it is kind of difficult to get it :P So thanks in advance! I am waiting for your replies xD
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    Just so you know you can't tank and then get the triple crown next season because you can't play in the champions league
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    Pls discount for official items.