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Thread: injury system

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    injury system

    Does Nordeus do enough to ensure we understand the nature of injuries???

    Hamstring Grade 3 : 12 days.

    Not to mention 3 injuries in a meaningless game as I am tanking, but 3 injuries. One 4 days, one 6 days and the final one = 12 days for this hamstring grade 3. In Nordeus translation that equals 12 weeks?

    the dislocated ankle, which should be more serious than any grade hamstring injury was only 6 days or 6 weeks in Nordeus-Time. and the Hamstring Grade 2, not 3 this time, was only 4 days or 4 weeks in Nordeus-Time, hereafter called NT. .

    Their injury system sucks the big one. They need to revisit it to make it more believable. Otherwise it looks like a token grab/pack grab (which it is, but lets not focus on we will. They could at least hide it better).

    The training causes injuries not possible due to the wording of the type of training. Example: broken foot from stretching.
    And now the serious injuries in real life are not reflected the same way in the game (lets forget about the magical packs for a moment).

    Nordeus, if you are going to screw me out of packs, at least take me out for dinner first.

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    Maybe you train the player like crazy...until his(10% condition),and if this isnt the cause,blame NORDEUS that its trolling you...