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Thread: Just got the beating of my life

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    Just got the beating of my life

    Many people start new threads to share their victories. This post is all its contrary...

    Just lost 8-0 (!!!!!) in the second leg of the champions league semi-final, awarding me the (in)famous achievement of "Bad day". I tried, but my guys were just ridiculous in front of this squad full of 7, 8 and 9 stars players.
    I am laughing about it but what scares me the most is that the guy is currently only 3rd of his league.

    What is YOUR biggest beating ?

    I'll be having a beer now. Not the healthiest way to celebrate, but still a wiser choice to spend your money on than on tokens...
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    my biggest defeat was last season when placed in level 21 and me only level 20 so expected to get Bad day achievement but no i lost 6-3 thanks to a 89 min goal, so still yet to get that one
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    just accept it. face agiant a token buyer lol.
    he is 3rd beacause he has many friends who is also token buyer.

    my biggest lost this season 0-4(0-2 at normal time) agiants a far better team althougt i defeated them 2-0 the 1st leg
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    CL 5-1 away match 3 seasons ago against stronger opponent. I don't know why I haven't used 3n-1-5-1 instead of 4-5-1.
    Just got the beating of my life-5-1l.jpg
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    lol i guess we all have to face a defeat like that.. 2 seasons ago, CL semis I lost 7-1 away game, 2nd leg i managed to give him a taste of his own medicine and beat him 5-1 but it was unfortunately not enough! Beer sounds like the perfect way to celebrate
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    won cup away 2-1 but home match was disaster
    Just got the beating of my life-untitled.jpg

    not biggest lost but didn't expected to loss by that much
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    my biggest lost is 6-2 at league last season...when I filled 2nd rank team to play with the team I beat 7-0 at 1st leg...becoz the important CL semi final match with 9 stars team..that amazing achievement was I draw 2-2 with that 9 stars team...

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    The Galacticos biggest defeat was last seasons champions league away match which we lost 5-2 to the eventual 2nd placed team in the competition, which ultimately knocked us out

    Another equal GD one was a cup qualifying match 4 seasons ago back in Season 3 where I lost 3-0 at home in the second leg after being 2-1 up first leg. Almost threw a chair that day
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    Brunom, that is the right attitude when playing this game. I salute you. I am sick of hearing complaints. It is only a game for goodness sake and you are right, spend money on beer not on tokens.

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    Ahhhh..... ..... ah ... a .. none, sorry...
    In football it is better to be Lucky than Good.