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Thread: Update on my team..

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    Update on my team..

    Damn, its been 4 seasons since my last update. WHat can i say. I am dominating the league at the moment. Lets start off with the standings.

    As you see my friend is Struggling

    I didnt make it to CL, because last season was the toughest yet, i placed 5th, and it was a hell for me. I was put against token buyers, and i dont buy tokens.

    Now for my team:

    I know, it could be better, but undertsand the fact i dont buy tokens, and i am pretty satistfied.

    You might be wondering why do i have a 1 star player. Simple, He's the Captain, and my oldie. From my first season, he, as a midfielder, racked up 20 goals in his first season. Ofcourse, i dont play him that often anymore, because he isnt as good as he used to be, my goal is to get him to 300 appearances. YOu can see that his form in the recent matches is bad, but still he can score Free Kicks to 6 star goalies. Here's his overall stats

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    i`m the same a non token buyer but unlike you i was not given token buyer`s in the league but just as bad as i was level 19 and should have placed in level 20 but no placed in level 21 league and i could not even buy level 21 player`s in the market, so finished 12th this season i was in same level 21 while still level 20 and won the league, now i`m hoping new season will place rightly in level 21 and place me in level 22
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