This was my first full season. I played in level 2 as I was able to win the partial season I joined in the middle. My stats on injuries are outrageous. I read all alot of this forum and followed this plan. I hardly ever trained because I was playing 2-3 games a day by winning both cup and CL. When I did train I was above 95% and only on normal level. I ended the year with 17 injuries for the season. With one injury in 5 of the last 6 games. Of course all those games were must win. I am among those that do buy into the injury bug striking when you are more likely to heal. Only 4 injuries were 3 days or less. Being low level though it was much cheaper to sell my players and by a healthier version. 1 token as opposed to 15 packs. Not a vent post as much as a post asking is this a typical year? Btw my field was upgraded once and my medical twice(as high as I can unitl I get everything else up).