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Thread: Cup tie starting 3-5 minutes after start of season

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    Thumbs up Cup tie starting 3-5 minutes after start of season

    What is the point of having a cup tie 3-5 minutes after season reset.
    A vast majority of players miss this as server reset varies.
    Even if you are on, with a new team there is no time for anything meaningful.
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    I agree that this is a not a good arrangement. I hope games will start slightly later, say 1 hour, to ensure some preparations are possible. I believe it is viable for Day 1 as there are only cup games, but I'm not sure if it is possible for day 3 as league games begin.

    However, T11 game players come from all over the world. Some player still prefer the games start from this time slot.

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    This is so true! I think that the Cup matches starting so soon after turnover of Season is VASTLY unfair. Since there are no other fixture, why cannot it be at least a few hours in? My hubby tried logging and it was server reset, and by the time he did get on, the match was over and he lost 4-0.. Certainly he would have changed formations if he had had a clue what the other guy was playing.
    One of my Teams had a match as well pretty much instantly, thankfully I won, but I could have won by a lot more.

    I *hate* this scheduling on first day. I really do.
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