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Thread: General Chit Chat

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    General Chit Chat

    I have been a player of Top Eleven since 2011, started playing properly in around 2013 i would say, before then the game was just another app on facebook until I started getting hooked on my phone.

    Now after around a decent year of playing i'm up in League 26 and moving very slowly. I do not buy tokens, yet I train my team everyday, preserve energy and morale for matches, balance my stadium ticket prices and all of the usual stuff to keep afloat but still I seem to be hounded by the same problems for the last 6-7 seasons

    1. Bigger players buying 10-11 new 5* players every season with mass amount of tokens

    2. I can barely afford to renew contracts it seems every season I have to spend 50mill renewing ( I always seem to end up in 8th place too)

    3. Stadium and sponsership does not cover wages... REALLY ANNOYS ME as I cant sell players as I only own 14 and I can't buy any as i cant afford them.

    4. Free transfers are good. Why not release free decent ones not 35 year old CB who is on his last legs lol

    If anyone has any tips, advice or help. I'm all ears at the moment, also if anyone wants to become a gift sender add me as a friend

    Also I have just seen tonight you can now manage another club. I always thought if I got another club I would do so many things differently haha might give it a go!

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    1. If you play the transfer market right you can get a lot of good players for only a few tokens spent on each.
    4. Nordeus does not put free agents on the market, other managers who sack there players then have those players go on the transfer market. And usually they sack them because they are retiring, so almost all of them are old

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    Having same probs, I am in level 25, the only way to balance books is to play friendlies and set ticket prices high (but not so you lose attendance) also if u get vids select stack of cash, sell your 2 youth players, try to sign free agents and then sell but only the young 3* ones as for competing against token buyers I am afraid u can only do what u are doing until they get bored and give up their team.
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    The Take Over function loses the Team you have! BE CAREFUL. If you no longer love your Team and want to escape the top of the server, take over a lower level Team. (you keep boosters, tokens & kit) If you want two Teams, use another FB account or portable device.

    I haven't reached the money issues stage yet, but have noticed several threads about it lately. I think Nordeus should consider changing the sponsorships and maybe more facilities in the higher levels because this seems to be a wide issue.

    FA's are released from Teams, so that's totally dependant on managers around you sacking players.

    Friendlies help, also the youth you get, sell the freebie but consider the Token one, his wage will be cheaper than TL guys of his age, Q and speed.

    You could also "tank", that is, AVOID promotion for a couple season to regroup finances and train your guys.
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    Cheers fellas!!

    Trust me I've tried selling my youths. No-one wants them haha, I can't play friendlies either as I can have a league game, cup, c league and a friendly each day.. Players will be cream crackered haha I've tried to make a youth team too but too expensive. I don't want money handed to me but I think a few things should be able to be changed this is what I propose

    1. Youth system - 5 youths a season aged 15-16 join your team for FREE .. You can use them in your first team or in your youth team, play friendlies etc with them!

    2. Sponsorship increase

    Got a few other idea's too but no point in discussing as nothing will be made of them haha...

    I might just swap teams yet. Although I think I might lose interest if I start again ...
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    Currently trying to find a way out the rut!