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    This thread is a continuation from this thread which was affect by trolls …

    Some extracts of that thread (by friends) like :
    "illegal formations & less possesion affects it in a way, players get agresive and make lots of fouls to stop the enemy ;D "
    "Cards are usually result of bad counter formation"
    was in the back of my mind and now in the beginning of the season it came out.

    Well, the question is :

    Can the Domination of a team (because of better quality) to another, cause the other team to make fouls, get cards and finaly cause injuries to the winner ? (despite orders like normal tackling or legal formation)
    Is this a parameter in the program of the game or it’s like Master Yoda saying “fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to the Dark side of the Force” ?
    How many often does it happen ?
    Last season I had a good team , with many dominated matches and many injuries.
    This season started with the same way.

    DOMINATION or  INJURIES ?-21-9-cup-game-1.jpg

    I was wondering and I took a look at some games of t11 friends. I found one domination

    DOMINATION or  INJURIES ?-22-9-giannis-game-.jpg

    hmmmm interest

    And then I check most of the CUP games. The result was impressive.

    DOMINATION or  INJURIES ?-stats-cup-1.jpg

    Do you think we may could find a good tip by this ?
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