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Thread: Does the game steal our tokens or wtf just happened????

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    Does the game steal our tokens or wtf just happened????

    So I bid on this goalie; 18 yrs, 44 quality, 4.51M value.
    Only myself and two others after about KO-round 3,4,5.
    I put my last bid in round 13.
    The other two was also in round 14.
    And only the winner (Eister Wew) ("EL REAL C.F." level.5) in round 15 for $6.42M.
    But the goalie never ended up in Eisters squad.... And he had the moneys...

    So...did Eister sack him already or what just happened? :-(

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    Possibly a delay as he had a match ongoing at the time and the new player would not be in the squad or another possibility is that he already has a full squad and has to sack or sell a player to make room.
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    Thanks for reply and possibly some delay then but if so it lasted for ~10 minutes as I checked several times (before taking snapshots). Not full squad though because he had no reserves/oranges...

    After I posted this it also crossed my mind that he could have sold it to a friend (or another one of himself) for 7 tokens... is there anywhere to report cheating in that case? Or is there a way for me to check out Eisters squad now/tomorrow?

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    There can be a delay up to HOURS if the player was scheduled in a match or if either the seller's or buyer's clock was off from the server's.

    The cost of negotiations is there to make it less attractive for people to be less than fair play, but of course if he wanted to he could accept an offer from a team for a newly acquired player, but most likely it was just the long delay.
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    his squad didn't update right away after he bought the player.. probabbly this happenes sometimes, not often but it does.
    If you tried to send a friend request.. he would have accepted and then you can check it out.
    I know that whenever you'r trying to check his team, it says Loading but not always its up to date, you would have to relog and check, to be sure. No way to check unless you manage to find his team somewhere in your Champions League opponents league.

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