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Thread: When to sell a player?

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    When to sell a player?

    Hi there,

    I've bought a very expensive player recently, he cost 4.3 mil$ which is 3 times more than casual players in my league level. He is 5* and has 37 points which is still a long run to 6*. The point is that he is not training 3 times faster than other players, maybe 2 times at max, moreover his performance from the matches are 7-7-6-6-6, so not impressing at all.

    Would you sell him ?

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    No one can tell... some players need time to adapt... some players never adapt...

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    Give him a couple of games on the bench but don't use him then try him in a friendly before a big game.
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    If i could touch him I could get a feel for his chi, and then I could tell you if he is a keeper. Too bad he is in a virtual world, I guess you never know for sure. You just have to wait and see

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    Hi my friend. I 'm the same level with you and I have started from previous season a guide for fast trainers. Check my signature if you want to go there.
    I bought 2 fast trainers this season and you can see my recent results of training (in the latest post) to compare with yours. Unfortunately your player isn't expensive enough to be a good fast trainer (ofc. you didn't tell us his wage and years yet). My players cost me 6,8 and 7,2 millions . As about performance don't wait from the first matches miracles.
    Training needs time, experience and resources (red/green packs). If you don't have , sell him asap and buy 2 5* with SA, 24-29 y.o. with the same money.
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