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Thread: Getting tired of THIS CRAP GAMES

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    Getting tired of THIS CRAP GAMES

    I do not give a **** about this game I spend several hours a day on crap game and then they practice on a regular basis both normal and hard and sometimes the rest of the CL and CUP usually win against most teams that is several leagues better than me but when I meet teams in my league loses all the time now against the law CRAP if you compare players and all others.There this game is controlled by someone and is not adapted to how good your team is and how well they train osv.Förra game, I get two players expelled , 1 injured today likewise almost solid run with NORMALLY this game has maybe 11 milion players but maybe slightly less than 1 milion ACTIVE for former or latter so lessnar most on this game because everything is based on almost that you spend more and more Tokens (money) then when you want to earn tokens through their various offers so, waiting up to 10 days ibland.Skärp s top Eleven !!!!!!!! or ending soon I like most ....

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    I'm sorry you feel this way maybe you need to change your tactics for league games ??? just a thought thats all funny how people who dont give a **** about this game spend so much time on it and get frustrated with it !!!!

    It is just a game hun chill and start all over again !!! from level 1 no need to spend cash !!!!
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    Ps my avatar picture is Rowland !!!!!!!!!!!

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    Did you complain when you beat the higher level teams?
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