I love this game and playing in the OMA Masters Dragon CUP.

I love it. After losing 3-2 in the first leg to my opponent, he scoring two goals in the last 8 minutes, and then to come back in the second leg and winning in extra time. I love it.

To win against one of the best managers in Top eleven. I love it.

Two things I love... OMA Dragon Cup and....-screenshot-www.topeleven.com-2014-09-30-10-20-29-titans-vs-tsg-2nd.jpg

I also love Freedom and Democracy! Playing the above game in this, the Umbrella Revolution, I was lucky to get G4 signal with this concentration of people all on their phones in such a small area.

The song in the FB link is by the Hong Kong band, "Beyond" sung by their now decease lead singer 'Wong Ka Kui' and is the now the anthem of the Umbrella Revolution.


Please support us! We are like David fighting Goliath... Thanks in advance.