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Thread: Explanation

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    Why do does y team have 20 shoot wit 10 on target and still lost the game 2:0, even dough i countered hes form and i was the stronger team

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    I believe programmer`s have fixed on certain server`s where the weaker teams win or make it dam hard for stronger team`s to beat them as i`m struggling too and i have the strongest team in league and Champions league, my worst performance was 1-1 drew against a team 14 quality lower and then the odd 1-0 defeat and all this with 60% plus possession in my favour

    edit; before anyone say`s it happens in real life, yes i agree BUT NOT every bleeding game which is what i`m getting
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    There does seem to be a minor trend of people experiencing lamer results than expected against weaker Teams. In friendlies it's always seemed that way but it seems it's happening in League too. I haven't had too much of it but a couple 1-0 games that I thought should have been more.
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    I've been experiencing the same thing. A lot of 1-0 results that haven't gone my way when I have been dominating the game. I noticed the goals either come early on or around the 80th minute which is getting very annoying when am dominating games. Honestly left speechless after going on a good run then all of a sudden I lose 3 games and draw 1 which could potentially cost me the league!!