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Thread: Goalkeeper or goal scorer?

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    Goalkeeper or goal scorer?

    Did anybody else noticed that the keeper is the best free kicks taker in the squad? Personally,a tried to to put all my players:attackers,midfielders and defenders to take free kicks,only a maximum of 1 out of 5 of them reached past the wall.
    So I put my GK to shoot and surprisingly,4 free kicks in a row went past the wall.

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    i made a post about this and Special abilities before.
    my current keeper is amazing he will score 50% of free kicks. My striker with FK SA cannot clear the wall ever!
    i believe at the beginning of a season or a players generation maybe... they are randomly assigned SA
    i have a defender who always clears corners with heading but doesn't have the SA Aerial headers etc
    Arsenal for 3rd... a cheeky tenner says so!