41quality Striker with one-on-one special ability, left footed. 37-46.4-40 skill stats, 181 height, age 21, 79 weight, 7-7-9-8-8 form, 12matches played - 11 goals - 4 assists, 22 club goals - 33 club matches, CL - 9 matches - 5 goals, Cup - 6 matches, 3.19m market value - 140k wage from Tunisia. You can reply on this thread with offers. Since you can spend 50 tokens for a scout player with worse statistics I will ask for at least 20 tokens, the 3.19 market value won't be an issue propably since I have 15m budget and I need no additional players for my team. I think in order for me to receive 20 tokens that the offer will have to be around 25, if I am not mistaken. I am selling him because I have 4 strikers (40-41-43-45 quality) and it's overkill, so I wanna open up space for another player and gain some tokens in the process. This is why I don't sell him on the market. Hope that someone from server 6 will read this and we will come to an agreement since 20tokens is a bargain. Love and peace <3