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Thread: Lucky Title Win

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    Lucky Title Win

    I won the League today but really shouldn't have. With 3 games to go I was 7 points clear. I drew the next 2 games and lost my final game. The team behind me only needed a win to pip me to the title. He had a relatively easy home game but to my amazement he lost 0-7. I stuck the boot in at 0-5 and supported the other team and as soon as he had the extra 2% possession he smacked in 2 more goals. Talk about a trolling.
    But I'm not complaining.
    Tell you what. If it had been me in his place I would have been GUTTED !
    Gloat over.
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    Hello everyone,

    This season i was a lucky winner aswell, winning only by 1 point :P


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    Congratulations pal
    Weird, I read in another post that a player's opponent had also an amazing loss 0-7
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