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Thread: Bid button blocked

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    Bid button blocked

    Allright so i was trying to buy a ST the other day and in round 10 button for biding another token/round was blocked so iv lost 10 tokens/player.But im not here to discuss this damn software glitches or whatever but i sended a "complaint" to support section here where iv attached 2 snapshots of the auction i was talking about,one with the remaining time of bidding with the bidding button blocked and another photo where it shows that i had LOST the player ok? So guess what top eleven customer support answers back to me ahaha THAT i should look again in my team because maybe the manager i buyed? the player from was having a match and player might be late to join my team.LMAO these guys asks money for this game but reply with this kind of crap? they didnt even bother to look at photos or read my messege or know english at all?Are they for real???
    Bid button blocked-bid-button-blocked1-1.jpg
    Bid button blocked-bid-button-blocked2-2.jpg
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    I had that problem too few times. I was lucky 1st time because opponent didn't bid (pictured). You can solve that by refreshing page, but 20s is not enough. 2nd time I faced that problem was in round 1 (which lasts 60s), but I managed to refresh page and place bid before end.
    Bid button blocked-no-bid-possible.jpg
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