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Thread: Watch Live! and receive cards.

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    Question Watch Live! and receive cards.

    Ok I am not a complainer, every company needs to earn their money. But a least change some details.

    Under the treatment packs it is mentioned :

    Quote " Make sure you watch the match live and your players don't receive cards! unquote

    Now I can't count the numbers I watch my matches live, season 4 now maybe I missed 10 matches since Season 1.

    As a reward the amount of yellow and red's are unbelievable high, as I can't count my live matches I sure can't count the cards. 3 yellow's in one match which I witnessed live on screen

    Doesn't matter if I watch on the iPad or on FB no difference.

    Hereby I would kindly ask to remove that statement regarding the cards and watching live matches as it does not make any sense.

    Anyway I still remained place 1 in the league.

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    You misunderstood the sense. It doesn't tell you that you wont receive cards if you're watching your matches. Instead if you watched your match and received no cards you will receive a treatment pack at the end as a benefit.