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Thread: Question about flags.

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    Question about flags.

    As a long time player, I should really know this but I have been wondering about the collecting of flags. I know that you get a new flag every time you visit a country for the first time, but my query is:

    On what is the country based? When you first set up your team, you fill in City and Country. Now of course, mine is London and England, and every team that plays at my ground (provided it is their first time in England), would get the English flag for their collection.

    Now, I myself have acquired 78 various flags, but new ones are getting harder to get. What I was wondering is: If I were to change my statistics, (say from England to Canada), would my opponents then be able to receive a Canadian flag from me instead, and vice-versa. If this would be the case, then I might try to arrange with my FB friends to change our countries each time we are due to play each other so that we can earn some of the rarer flags.

    Hope this makes sense.

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    I know when you change you get youth of that new nationality so I would expect it to work the same with Flags.
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