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Thread: New duration of Top Eleven season? Yes or no? [Feedback]

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    Shorter no. Just add competition for 5th, 6th and 7th. Same rules as for Champions league just as Uefa Cup in real life.

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    I agree with Paoki completely... There are many more important things to improve in the Game...

    And if you guys are short of ideas then just access the thread : If you were a billionaire and took over Nordeus then what changes you would make...
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    ...Just a thought, if you want to increase action, instead of making such an enormus change, a secondary of the main team could be created (same name, emblem etc) with U18 players (16y, 17y,coming from our academies or separate TM) playing in friendlies or in a U18 separate league tto serve as a preparation stage (like real teams) and players can continue, as manager choose, to their carreer to the main team when passed 18y old. Thats would double the "action" and might be very addictive to managers.
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    Shorter season - NO
    New competition for 5,6,7 place...
    Inactive clubs need to be deleted and active clubs in same league,not like this season with my club...
    I'm level 35 and I play in League 36 level...
    Need to fix this...It's not fair,they can buy better players on their TL...and I can just to cry...

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    Hi there,

    I think the season could be cut down slightly, but to be honest I think a few other areas should be develop before this is considered, such as:-

    - Player Loan option
    - Be able to join your friend/families league
    - More options when buying and selling - i.e. loan in and out as above, a 'highest bidding option'
    - Better scout players!! the last 2-3 seasons 99% of scouts have been all around the age of 28+ (I would buy more tokens if the quality of scouts was better and younger.


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    Personally I wouldn't be against something like this -

    Days 1 and 2 of seasons are random friendlies. This allows managers to buy/sell players before competitive games. Charity Shield Games for anyone who won the league or a cup the season before. Teams winning league play on day 1. Teams winning a cup on day 2. Those that win more than one cup only play one Charity Shield Game.
    Day 3 - Current Cup as it is and League. 3rd game being "Level Cup" against a team from your level (Group stage ala CL before knockout)
    Day 4 - Champions Cup and the League. 3rd game being "Region Cup" against a team from your level from your region (I.E Europe or Asia etc)
    Day 5 - Second legs of the current cups, plus the League. Game 2 of the Level Cup
    Day 6 - Game 2 of CC, plus the League. Second leg of the "Region Cup"

    Repeat through to game day 28 - with the two spare dated dates where no cups are being played at the back end of the season being double league game days. Level Cup plays out like the Champions Cup would, Region Cup will play out like the Current Cup does.

    Thus, the league stays the same as in 28 days, but the league is actually 2 days shorter, with another 2 cup competitions added in.

    Cut the tiredness down by half, or double the speed of recovery to aid this. Then increase the number of players allowed in a club from 22 to say 28 - with a maximum of 7 injurys hitting a team at any one time.

    Prize money for the additional cups will also help the teams higher up who find that money becomes a problem.
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    Definite NO to 14 day season from me. Imagine your annual holiday of 2 weeks. You could miss an entire season. Leave things as they are.
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    @Nordeus, moderators etc. There is enough things that could be improved, there is enough of suggestions, and besides them all you want to change something that is good (season lenght)? LOL that is wrong XD NO!

    -This promotion league system makes loans useless
    -You can already make league with friends, but you need to be friends in between, i mean you need to have more mutual friends.
    -I agree for scouts, too old, too expensive, wrong SA (shadow striker defeder - wtf?), bad skills distribution (if we want complete player, then we don't need strong attack skill for defenders and gk's and defensive skill for offensive players)

    @Kynan so they should decrease number of teams to 13 in order to add free days? That is good idea, i like it.
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    I'm not in favour of a shortening of the Season. It's just the same thing condensed.

    For more games add something extra as others have suggested. Whether these are a range of smaller things or a larger one. My immediate though was for a larger Cup than present with more teams and even optional entry (say in first 3 days) but technically it would be demanding (and require a maintenance for the draw) and there would need to be more thought than I'm prepared to give to numbers (with only 26 days available) instead of a nice round 32 (so a short league format or pre-qualifiers would be needed).

    But I'd also like to see some more important stuff done along 'management' theme like HT ratings or some form of live performance tracking, offsides counter, proper formation saves, 1 for 1 auto-subbing, server population management (particularly at higher levels), etc etc

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    HELL NO shorter season with more games a day = more injuries and more reds being used, the injury rate is bad enough now so fix that 1st and then come back with this idea
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