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Thread: Injuries - With the right image

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    Injuries - With the right image

    Ignore my last post, I posted a wrong image.
    So, this is my team. I have so many injured players and I don't even over train them, whats wrong? My level is 3.

    Injuries - With the right image-joi6a.jpg

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    Bad formation,too much ofensive try a clasic formation and buy more fre agent player,or 3-4 stars as substitute,i cant know the exact cause of this odd situation,because many managers are complaining about the injuries so you re not the only person in problem..

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    i use the exact same formation i have my players falling like flies
    thats unacceptable. i mean it would be ok if i had a match once per two or one day
    but with 2 games a day and four players out and propably still countng the game it self becomes unplayble..
    it sould be fixed right away...

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    Today I got an injury again, smh.

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    Too many injuries
    Avoid to play whole pitch in "orders", you lose more condition
    Try to have your players condition and morale in dark green bar
    Level up your grass quality (facilities)
    Try to find some cheap veterans 4* players and use rotation on your games.
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    Yep. ^^ Good answer!!

    I don't get so many injuries (except when power training you have to expect them) and I attribute it to most of those things.
    Rotation so no one starts a match below 90% condition, maxed out medical & pitch, very important.
    I press whole pitch, but have my players physical stats very high to enable them to not be so tired during/after a match.
    I don't ever use hard attacking either, that and hard tackling combined seem to up chances of injury a bit.
    Also, I avoid stretching except for evening out condition, and on players that gain a lot from it.
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