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Thread: Need some help bros

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    Need some help bros

    Good evening.

    I have a small doubt, I know that from level 4 can make offers for players of any team, trying to acquire that player. My question is: So as I realize hiring the player in question, it is necessary that the coach of the team to which the player belongs to confirm or accept the proposal or not?

    I thank you reply

    regards, Sem Tomates.

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    Yes! he does have to accept, he has 24 hours to decide, at he end of 24 hours the offer expires and tokens are returned.
    He can also agree to sell but not at your offer price, if he does this a small shopping trolley will appear next to your offer in the negotiations window, you should also get a message.
    Once the price is set by the seller the offer you make has to match the sellers set selling price, caution is needed at this point, every time you increase your offer Nordeus gets one additional token from you and this is none refundable so every time you move the slide bar up by one token or five tokens you give Nordeus an extra one.
    After your initial offer, IMO, the best thing to do is set a figure to where you are happy with and make one offer, then let him decide he can still accept your offer at any time before the 24 hours is up.
    If it expires chances are it will be back in negotiations later so you could always have another go at a higher offer and save additional tokens to Nordeus.
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    maximum offer by buyer is 48 tokens + cash. only 20 tokens go to the seller. big chunk goes to nordeus. wish they would just stick to the 8 token commission. then there will be more successful negotiations.
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