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Thread: Question on dual role players

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    Question on dual role players

    I have an aml/ml and an mr/amr on my team. I am wondering if they favour one postion or the other. Is the first postion listed their better one?

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    Some say they do.

    But, if you have a dual role player, the roles are always listed in the same order.

    You will find a DL/DC but never a DC/DL.

    I think I even saw once that a DL/DC on the computer is listed as a DC/DL if you play using your phone. But I've never bothered to check.
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    every player can play every position and nothing happens

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    they change from season to season, but sometimes they will perform better in a certain role compared to the other one. They also can be good at both. You just have to try and find out

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    I think it's very difficult to say because it's depending from the style (formation/orders) of the team and also the opponents.
    If you could play with the same opponent, with the same conditions, about 10 times and try e.g. a 4-4-2 or a 4-2-2-2 hexagon, maybe you could have some conclusions.
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    Roles show differently on mobile and PC - on mobile my left winger is ML/AML and on PC he's AML/ML. AMR/MR is the same on both. They only constant is variability. Its probably down to how they were generated as Nordgens seem to have rules all of their own - but thats a wild guess.

    Imo, the order makes no difference to the ability of the player to play either. Which one, if any, a player prefers is dependent on the myriad of unknowns - trial and error.
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