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Thread: help help help auction hacked

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    Angry help help help auction hacked

    Today I came across some auctions where a player did not have the budget but has spent a lot of tokens and win all auctions that was

    raised in all auctions like crazy

    stop this **** mad me angry

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    dude as long as you have enough for the initial bid you can keep going !!!!
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    One of the features of this game is that if you have enough $$ to place the initial bid on a player, you can continue to bid even if you no longer have that $$.He likely placed bids on several players, won one early on, and continued trying for the players that he had much earlier placed an initial bid on. Not a hack, just a brave manager; as he will need to be out of the red in seven days time or the game starts selling his players.

    p.s. If you truly believe someone is cheating send a request to with details and screenshots if you have them.
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    As Cat said, you will have 7 days to balance your debt or else the game will start selling your possessions, starting with your best youngest players, just like in real life. Don't screw with bank or u'll get screwed.

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    of course,now that you have won your auction, and you have red balance, you can't start another bid.

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    If you place a bid on first player and that auction have more time,like an hour,you can bid on another player(second) and after that if you dont have money you can bid on first player,even if you dont have money.