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Thread: do you have a favorite country when buying players in auction?

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    I normally like to buy my players from the major footballing nations such as Brazil,Argentina,England,Germany,Spain,Italy,Franc e,Portugal,Netherlands...

    Now and again I may go for other south american like Colombia or Chile, Also from Europe I've had Romanian players in my early days as well as Turkish and Scottish players, From Asia I choose South Korea or Japan, Africa it would be Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt or South Africa and from North America its usually USA or Mexico and also lets not forget Australia from the Oceania continent.

    But in reality, It doesn't matter where they come from because you can change nationality and player names for 1 token each.
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    I'm only interested in good players and do not care about nationality

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePsycho View Post
    I'm Vietnamese and I refuse to buy any Vietnamese players. Of course I was born and raised in the United States.
    Are you ashamed of your heritage? I dont care where they come from, it doesnt matter in the slightest! Would be different if they recieved international call ups or there was the option to play as national teams!

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    I do not really care about nationality, but some quality players from exotic countries like Seychelles, Barbados, Jamaica would be nice.

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    Nope, I just rename my players according to my taste ...

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