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Thread: Low shot efficiency :/

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    Low shot efficiency :/

    Hi, i just want to ask if this is just a bad luck, or there is something wrong I'm doing at.
    Past few matches I can't get more than 5 goals even against weakest opponents of my league, and it's not cause of lack of trying...

    Yesterday I had similar match, 29/13 shots and only 5:0 while i dominate the whole match.

    Last match, played 5 minutes ago, i had 16 on goal shots, 29 total shots... and had only won by 0:5. I mean, his goalkeeper had 9 saves, he saved almost everything i threw at him. I thought it was a low win bonus, so I cranked up to the maximum for this match. Opponent played some weird formation, I played 4-3n-1-2 the first half, since his one MC got a red card i switched to 4-3w-1-2... and I had even more chances, but still bunch of them were wasted... Only one MC and DC had good morale, all other players had superb morale, and still one of my ST got 5 rating, while his 4 defenders are 1 star players(literally) ... I mean, really??? He is almost a scout, but the past couple matches he cant even get rating of 7, while my weaker ST got 8's and 9's... **** logic :/

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    I would say it is your strikers poor finishing and in the game in seems 1* or 2* defenders play great so not much you can do, but still to win 5-0 is great!
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    take out the players with bad form. Just because a player has a lot of stars does not mean he is going to perform and it does not mean other players with less stars will do better.
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    if they are good players, then you have nothing to do just pray !!
    I have 2 scouts ST "One-on One scorer & FK", at some matchs they never shots on target and others they shots almost all of shots on target so keep them if they usually get good rating "+7" .
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