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Thread: Nicely done...

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    Angry Nicely done...

    Haha,the last possible match I could have lost in my way to reaching a season without a defeat. The perfect time for Nordeus to do their favourite job-annoy people.
    I will just post the missing parts of the game
    -Min.20 My AMR is in 1 vs 1 situation,pass the ball to my DL,that miss the chance
    -2 counter attacks throughout the match and my AML went crossing instead of trying to dribble
    -Min.86 My 6 STARS AMR missed the header from a corner
    Notice that my opponent didn t miss any of the chances he had.
    For the rest of the match I will let the picture talk
    Nicely done...-untitled.jpg

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    advice :
    save the picture with prtsc (print screen button), after the F1-F12 buttons
    open "draw" program, it's a free windows progam you have
    paste, ctrl V
    cut the picture (only about the game) arround
    push the "cut" button again
    save as ...
    * also you can make the picture bigger or smaller
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