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Thread: Income and expense question

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    Income and expense question

    I'm new to the forum along with the game and I just have one simple question
    Regarding income and expenses.
    How come when I click on finances, it shows me a red number?
    Does that mean I owe that much $$, and unless I come up with the amount shown
    My players will go on sale within 7 days?
    Or what is the meaning of having the green or red number?
    Am I in the negatives!?
    I would really like your help I don't want my best players to e sold!!!

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    can you provide a screenshot of your income and expense?

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    No, this does not mean that you're in the negatives. It's simply that you've lost that amount of money this season/day compared to the other seasons.
    If you're total balance under today is -50k this means that today your balance has been decreased by 50k.
    If your season balance is 1m this means that this season your balance has increased by 1m.