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Thread: Nearly no motivation left to advance every season for some in top of servers.

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    Nearly no motivation left to advance every season for some in top of servers.

    I might be mistaken that the following change is permanent and I hope that is a bug or something temporary and will be fixed.

    At top of server leagues are constructing approx. every 2nd season. That was creating some unfair issues, such as, you could finished 1st and then play next season for 2nd time in the same league, finish 8th and not promote, and someone else who finished last and the second time finish 7th, and promote.
    The least reward left to counteract it was that, when you were promoting and even league was not creating manager's level was advancing, so managers level was higher than league level sometimes, softening the situation and was stand there as meter of promotions also worked as motivation to take care the team every single season and not only the second one. It was fair because it was not managers fault if higer leagues coulld not be created and it was representing where a manager should normally be if leagues were creating as in other levels.

    That was working good untill this season when suddenly and unpleasantly stopped, and in a way subtracting me 7 seasons of advance, (managers level froze untill propably league level reaches it), it worked for me, maybe to others also, as every seasons goal, anyway the game it self was contained it as a goal.
    When someone has no indication left for promotion rate (that is an achievement spitting is not) and at the same time knows that propably next season league will not change and also manager level will not change, why he should bother with his team and play regularlly for each and every season but he will do it every 2nd s. when new higher league wiill be created .Team players any way will be stronger then, like tanking.

    The game left me nearly no motivation to play every single season and making me an occasional player by trying to "correct" whatever worked fine so far.

    At least, after 47 seasons of continuing advancment the decision not to advance will be mine.

    PS: I will not try support, is not only me experience this and devs i guess reading forum for feedback
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    well, let's hope nordeus will make an announcement to explain what is going on...
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    It probably have something to do with the merge of some servers.

    But at least normal companies, everytime they implement a change they send a warning , saying what they are going to do, If there is any problem to contact them.

    Nordeus dont! They make the mess, and let there customers waiting to get anykind of explanation.
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