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Thread: Up in a level 4 ad the market....

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    Up in a level 4 ad the market....

    I don't know what have changed, but I have sit on front of my computer since sunday :sad:
    and looked up transfer market for new players for my team.

    Every time I refresh the TM, there is about 70-100 players and 99% of them are I think you call them nordgens.

    In my level highest level for player is 39 and there are many of them, but they are sold 2-4M and their value/salary is 15-25, so not exatly fast trainees...

    I don't remember that TM has been so "full of players" earlier, I have red that it's something to do with that you can see all the servers at same level? but so many nordgens with bad training rate all the time....

    I would though that managers would buy 5-10 level higher players (strenghen the team) and sold old one in the market and market would be full of players of human managers at start of new season.

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    i had the same thing like you the last 2 days of last season , but now transfert market is gone to " normal " version !