Hello community.

1st of all; please excuse me, if i use bad english. i am not realy good at writing (but i understand very well).

I am in season 3 and i've read tipps and guides step by step. so i did a couple of mistakes.

End of season 2, i've started to earn a lot of of free tokens. i've bought free players and sold 'em again to raise my money. Now my plan is, to get a strong, young and expensive team. (so far so good). but i am quite sure, that i thought to less about formation and tactics. i've just read the "justdomes guide of being succesfull manager".
Here is what i have and what i planed:
My aim was to play:
-- ST --
--AMC-- Phantomstriker
ML -- MC -- MR flanks Dribbling / center playmaker
--DMC-- Playmaker
DL DC -- DC DR at least one Areal defender and defensive wall

playing devensive, force counter both flanks. and arrows front to flank and arrows back to MC.

And this is what i've bought (not all fits) and skilled:
Position Skillpoints / Stars Age Price anything else
GK 33 / 5 18 5,4M nearl most expensive player i've ever seen at my lvl
DL 31 / 5 18 4,75M
DC 26 / 4 20 1,54M (From earlier seasons)
DC 34 / 5 20 3,28M 7 Points in areal defender
DR 28 / 5 21 1,88M defensive wall / from earlier seasons
DMC (+DML) just a filling guy with 24 /3
ML 34 / 5 18 4,79M 6 Points in dribbling
MC 34 / 5 18 5,8M 7 Points Playmaker / most expensive guy i've ever seen at my lvl
MR 34 / 5 19 4,62M 20 Points in dribbling already
AMC 34 / 5 19 4,27M 20 Points in phantom striker
ST 29 / 4 19 3,06M from last season

+filling 6 guys that were free. each is worth between 950k and 1,1M
+1 guy: MC 24 / 3 18 2,7M CS Corner

these guys were just bought to train them until end of season and sell them again. cause at the current state, Money is more important than Tokens.

The Result of my plan is: Currently i own the most expensive Team in all 3 leagues. and i got the most skillpoints on the field.

Now my Problems and questions: At the moment i've only lost my 1st game in Cup (at that moment i was still searching for good players) and today i've just reached a Draw (1:1) at home vs an enemy that got at least 6 skillpoints per player less than me. I guess he just know more about that game than me. Because also the 1st game i closly won 2:1. I guess he just did well by Position and tactic.
(Obviously my team got nearly maximal condition and morale (between 99% and 97%) (Form is about 7, sometimes 6, sometimes 8 and rarely 9)

Now my questions:
How to make this team setup viable? (got about 6M and enough tokens for players)
---- Maybe get another expensive strong stiker and some cheap 4 or 5 Stars for more flexibility in Formation?

Should i finish the Special abilitys?
---- Especially for the Dribbling guys

How to train best?
---- until now; i tried to have 97% condition+ for my games and used my packs for the starplayers i tried to keep.
now i know that players improve better if they played already this day. I want to know: does it matter if you play fiendly matches or league matches? and does it matter if they play 2 games or just 15 min after you substituded them?
does this benefit count until the next day or until the next match?
(does the risk of injuries increase if you train to much/ play to much friendly games [if you keep the condition high with packs)?]
when to use packs? between games to get your best players healthy. always for the whole team to get the team healthy for games / for training after all games finished? or for your best players to train them more often? (at my state of the game, not for lvl 20 when all your players are the best you can get)

About injuries
---- IF i get injuries i don't get one. i instantly get 2 or 3 (at a day or even at one game). And if i use packs to get the player healthy he often injuries the next game again. and than i have many days without any injuries. which factors increase injuries exept low condition and hard training/training matches? is there something about position and how often you used a player at a day with training, friendly matches etc (even if you use health packs).

Other things i thought about:
I wanna save all skillpoints that would improve my players skill from 5 to 6stars for next season (if possible) so i can spend them, after the cup-enemys were drawn. is that useful?

i plan to buy every season 4x 18 / 19 years old expensive players so i can keep them until they are 24 (does that work with free tokens later? Currently i've payed maximum 3 tokens, often just 1 token for my best players and the free players were more expensive with 5 to 10 tokens)

Summery: Atm i am still winning my games. but i know i did a lot of mistakes. how to go on now? (buying, selling, skilling players and how improve my team best by training (when to train and when to use packs and for whom). What to do to avoid injuries)

Thank you for answers. i know it's a lot. but i hope after that i don't have to ask anymore