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Thread: I really need help with this one

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    I really need help with this one-lv6-defense.jpg

    Well, that’s what I call defense.
    My strategy is to buy young 5* fast trainers (nordgens) plus some veterans for rotation (I ‘m buying players - usually x-scout/list) with this sa, cheaper than the nordgens, Q9/Q4 .
    The first sp I give is to sa Aerial def. and Def. Wall. I believe those two are the most useful special abilities because I read a lot about them in the comments of the match and I can see the results in my games.
    Of course my team is expensive but I believe any good team must have two players with those abilities. With that I prevent many goals from corners, long shots and free-kicks.
    My tactic is to use blue arrows to one of the two DC and if I ‘m playing without MR-ML (N-Diamond or with AMR-AML), with blue arrows to my DL-DR.
    As for the heights, are (as we see the players ) :
    1,85 / 1,95 / 1,90 / 1,83 / 1,87 / 1,96 / 1,88 / 1,89 / 1,91
    But I don’t think that the program goes so deep to counts the heights of the players.
    That’s my personal belief of course.
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    Take a look at your back formation, if you play a back 3 then it needs to be 3W( DL,DC,DR) playing narrow allows the corners to get to th box easier!, a back four is a even better defence against them as you have an extra body in the box!, having defenders with ariel and defencive wall and a goalkeeper with a SA helps aswell, also one final tip, try to buy defenders thats playing foot corresponds to that side position i.e DL left footed, DR, right .
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