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    Help needed

    Can some one please offer me some advice because I am getting very disillusioned with this game, I have a team rated 22 playing in the club level 2, I started the season great scoring loads of goals and a few clean sheets. now near the end of the season I can not win a game at all loosing constantly to teams rated 15, My 5 star rated strikers dont score and my 5 star rated goalie concedes all the time, but the teams I play against have 2 and 3 star rated goalies and keep clean sheets and 2 and 3 star rated strikers score. I am really getting anoyed with this, jsut looks like I have wasted my tokens buying the top rated an advice please

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    If 5* players play lousy, bench them or sell them... Let players with consistently good rating to play, rather than those with more stars...
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    do you change your formation? i had also a losing streak and this nearly lost me the 1st place in league. i guess some bad games are in the game mechanics to keep things interessting. i would keep playing 5 or 6 days and see whats happening. i am lvl 3. i don' have that much experience.... if some is more expierence, listen to that guy.