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Thread: This game is **** its a rip off!!!!!!!!!!

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    This game is **** its a rip off!!!!!!!!!!

    Just because i played the game correct and in the best way and got a bigger stadium,good team,good players,and was been promoted every season nordeus must have thought i had got ahead of myself too quick because now theyve frozen transfers im getting 2 injuries every other week and today it wont let me recieve treatments from friends and my team is weekining now and ive lost last 3 to bottom of league teams its discusting like this!! Im currently submitting all my proof to annonymous theyll prolly ignore it but the 1% chance they dont i hope they shut this game down
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    You are luckier than me though , u got 2 injuries per week..
    In first 15 days of this season , i got like 1 injury per day , sometimes 2 :/

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