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Thread: Long row of troll results

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    Long row of troll results

    For the 4th time in a row I lost in the league vs a really bad team (this time -10 points)
    That are not sporadic troll results... this is the worst troll season ever.
    Instead to put the snow on the icons, these nordeus guys aren't able to fix this bugged code?
    Bah.... let's tank at this stage

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    Hi Marco, I have had such a season once. I have the second highest quality in that league, and somehow I ended up 8th or 9th within the first 2 weeks. I started to think about tanking that season, but things started getting better after that, and I believe I ended that season within top 3.
    Don't give up, perhaps try changing formation, switching out bad rated players.
    Season 19

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    Cup Winner - Level 3,5,16
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    thats ok... but frankly speaking my team IS the best in the league... and 2nd or 3rd position is not a position that I aspire to... :-)
    (I'm in level 15... and up to now my score is not very different from yours)
    I could also accept to not win in a normal fair competition and also I accept troll results time to time.... but not in this way!!!
    Yesterday in the league I lost 0:1 vs a team 15 points lower (that is the last) with 2 players out of position..... while I won 5:0 in CL vs a very good team.... it is totally clear to me that there is a bug.

    BTW... the past season I was not able to sell a single player on the market... just my players were not posted in the transfer list... after a check form the support, the guy told me that there was really a problem and HE BOUGHT a my player of my choiche and the max of the price... so it is clear that such bugs are possible.

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    It seems this season is going like that. I'm currently playing in a very strong league.I'm in season 12 so players get the sixth star at 80. My team is in average 78 but I'm not the best team there are three teams better than me. By the way I lost games against weak teams and I won with the strongest

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