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Thread: how to check other team results?

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    how to check other team results?

    We've had the last game in the champions league table before the match team A was top with 11 points team B was second with 11 points I was third with 8 points team D bottom with 4 points. I won team D to go second but team a was to play team B. I was confident that team A would beat Team B so team B wouldn't go to second if they had won. But in fact team B did win team A and because team A conceded so many goals they went down to third (as I'm now on 11 points) team B was now on top with 11 points. So I qualified.
    Sounds all boring this but wanted to explain why I want to know about the results from the other teams. I didn't remember the goal difference for the other teams before our final games so want to know how to check their results to see how much team B beat Team A.
    Same with league I want to know the teams at the top and who'll they are playing. Can't even check my friends results

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    For browser version, Competition => League /Champion League tab => Matches tab

    For results of friends (in same server, I think), you should patiently find through Fixtures => Friends' fixtures.